What to do on a snowy Monday.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Well, if you got out early enough maybe you were one of the other folks that left tracks out at Theo.

It was good when I left the house at 9a.m. this morning but by 11a.m. it was getting warm and the snow was sliding all over the place.

Even in the early morning there was some tricky spots, thanks to the freezing rain that came down before the snow yesterday.

All in all it was go morning for a ride.


















First real winter ride for me on the Krampus, which by the way is a shop/demo bike. It took a bit to find the right air pressure but once it was dialed in it stayed on the trail a heck of a lot better.

When I say Demo that means yes, you can come and take it out the trails for an afternoon.



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