What is a Krampus?

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Explanation 1: Santa’s Evil half brother, he’s a drunk and he hates your naughty kids and wants to eat them.

Explanation 2: The new 29er+ from the Intergalactic Fart Factory also known as Surly.

I was lucky enough to be invited to QBP west side this past week and got a chance to ride one of these new semi fat 29er’s. Like the Germanic Folklore, the bike version of the Krampus will easily destroy children or anything else that gets in its path. I climbed around 2500 vertical feet on the new fatty and I gotta say it climbs over small and teenage size baby head boulders with easy. This one will be a great addition to the Surly lineup and great for around the midwest as well as the mountains.

The frames, rims, and tires for this will be available sometime this fall for those that want to build from the ground up. The completes should be around in the spring, loaded with a Shimano SLX  for around $1700. Rest assured that more tires are on the way, and there are folks working on the front suspension thing, currently the tire will not fit due to height.

Keep an eye on these pages here, we may be getting a couple of these to demo in a couple weeks, and you know you want to try one.

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One Comment on “What is a Krampus?”

  1. thesuperrookie says:

    This bike seems bad ass.

    Especially if Chuck is throwing his weight behind the recommendation.