Posted By: Chuck Cowan

This past weekend (the one that started before yesterday), my lovely wife and I had the pleasure to visit Utah. We were invited out by Quality Bicycle Products to see their new Ogden warehouse and test ride some new product at Snow Basin. When we got into the hotel on Saturday we ran into some of the Q sales staff as they were coming back from riding at Snow Basin. It was then that I learned that the Monday test rides would not include any Gondola rides to the top of the Mountain. Well, after a little panic and some schmoozing I was able to get my hands on a demo bike. The plan was to get up early, skip some morning meetings and get the mountain for the 9am open time, ride the mountain properly and then head back to Q west for the rest of the meetings and to make the sales guys happy.


Map of the Mountain and my Gondola Pass. I took the dotted line with a little of the red shoots just to be safe.


Getting excited driving up the Mountain.


My lovely wife, who happened to hike straight down the damn thing, and 2 buds from Cali (not part of the Q thing) that I rode with. Really nice guys.


Picture of yours truly in my Riddler Jersey at one of the camera platforms left of from some big games thing.


The SpearFish I was able to snag. Not the best for riding fast down a Mountain fast, more of a all day XC rig, but it certainly did the trick.


Garmin Info.

I started the thing by accident half way up the Gondola.


All in all Utah seems OK, but with some weird liquor laws and no spitting on the side walks (apparently).

Also got to ride a Prototype Foundry Carbon 29er Hardtail on the Monday rides. Felt very similar to my Peacock Groove. In other words, I Liked It!


Next up Kona Launch in Bellingham, WA. At least I can climb at those altitudes.


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