Sundays at the Dirt Jumps.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Recently, after 5 1/2 or 6 years of not riding, I started Dirt Jumping again. It’s good to reconnect with old friends and test my limits again. It’s also Daisy and Daddy day so the little one gets to come out dig in the dirt and collect worms (when the ground is moist).
This is Stephane, we call him Frenchy, cause he is from France. He smooth like butter and he sticks his tongue out while jumping.

This is Matt, he is great with kids and does youth outreach for those less fortunate than us. He is also the creator of Full Cycle.
And Myself, with my mustache re growth.
Any one interested in hooking up with us on sundays for some fun please feel free to contact me at the shop. 612-436-0255

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One Comment on “Sundays at the Dirt Jumps.”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Look at you (old) guys!Love it!!!