Post Christmas Fun.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Started this frame swap on Wednesday and had hoped to finish it on Thursday but with the snow and it being holiday time I decided to keep the shop closed and stay at home with the family, besides sledding was really good on Thursday.

This is a Gunnar Sport done in a sweet Bamboo color with Vanilla shake panels and will be a primarily used as an all year commuter. The frame was indeed prepped with Frame Saver.
We build up about a dozen Gunnars a year and I would love to do more and am going to make a bigger effort this year to have a few on the floor for test rides and such.
How much do they cost? Well, a frame and matching fork with one of the 5 standard colors or a color of the month will start at about $1075. Whoa, THATS a lot you say. I say you need to ride one. The feel and handling of a quality steel, hand made frame is like no other, and it is about a Grand less than a typical hand built frame.
There are 9 models to choose from and a whole slew of options, we can build a complete from scratch or just swap over your old stuff (what fits) onto the new frame.

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One Comment on “Post Christmas Fun.”

  1. Chris says:

    It's a nice bike but you'd better keep it under several locks where I live…too bad the economy is such that I can't afford it anyway.