Old Man Crushes Competition!

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Yesterday was the 4th running of the Ragnarok 105. A 105 or so mile Gravel Road race in the river valley area of South Eastern Minnesota. 100 some riders showed up, but my good friend and Behind Bars/Little Guy team member Martin Rudnick really took the cake.
You see, I’ll be forty soon and Martin is a few years my Senior and he took 1st place in the Single Speed category! First Place!
20th over all, but that means this guy on his Single Speed beat our about 80 other riders.
You young bucks, watch out for this silver trimmed crusher!

*p.s. hopefully I get more photo’s from other team members (both teams) so I can do more posts on this race.

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One Comment on “Old Man Crushes Competition!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hell yeah! That was one of the first things I learned about cycling… the longer you've ridden, the better you ride. I've got nothing but respect. (And props to LGR for a good finish!)