North Minneapolis Updates.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Now that I have a minute to catch up a little, I thought I should update you all about North Side and get some info on here for places to make donations and such.

One thing I wanna get out of the way first.

If you do not live in North Minneapolis or do not have any reason to go through, then please don’t. There are tons of big trucks running around right now and people are trying to get life back to normal. Biking is dangerous right now through the effected areas, tree brush is piled everywhere making it very hard to navigate and see. (think this past winter, but a little worse)

Anyways. If you wanna help here are some links. You can also do a search in your browser and a ton of things will come up.…ado/


These photos are from the Lowry and Logan vicinity. Again, everyone that can help should in some capacity but please do not come over just to check it out. People are working hard and we don’t need anyone getting hurt.

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