North Minneapolis needs your help!

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

As some of you may know, Daisy, Steph and I live in North Minneapolis. This afternoon (may 22nd) a tornado ripped through a neighborhood just 10 blocks east of us. While we are O.K., I witnessed some pretty severe damage on my ride home from the shop. If you have time to spare this week please help out and lend a hand.


From the Minneapolis Firefighters Local 82 Face Book page.

As most of you know the residents of the north side were hit hard today by a tornado and the damage is severe. These are the people we work for and they need our help. If you are willing to volunteer in the next few days with clearing debris, or whatever else is needed please contact me by phone or e-mail. Mark LaKosky L82 952 567 1258 or Joe Mattison at 612-807-3267

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  1. Keyanna says:

    I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apprahoecs!