New DZR stock.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Just got in an early (for spring) shipment from DZR. SPD in style folks.

Midnight or Midnigth as on the box, vegan, 42 through 46 in stock now. Smaller sizes in the Unisex show coming next month.

Jetlag, Ladies  slip-on, 37 through 41.

Strasse, Herringbone? You bet.  43, 44, and 45 in right now.

New stuff (think clip in sneaker for MTB) and More Districts. If you need something we don’t have just ask us and we will get it for you.

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One Comment on “New DZR stock.”

  1. Jake says:

    These shoes look hella hot. I’m going to have to swing by and pick some up.