Mr. Little is still alive!

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

after 2 months of nothing.

“Hi you guys! I hope to God someone is sweeping the required 4 times a day….. I send in spies to check. I finally, after lots of close calls, hit a giant chicken rooster monster on my Steamroller yesterday (they are the squirrel equivalent here) Bladed spokes and a big feathered fucker are a spectacular mix. Both of us survived to a point… good times. Biking here is actually super-lame in most ways but I’m fightin’ the fight in my big boots and the only bitchin’ Chrome pants in the Caribbean. I still will not wear those flip-flops and now have a whole bunch of those wifebeater tank shirts that sport my tawny rebar-ish guns. This place is a sort-of sad combo of spectacularly perfect weather and horribly unfriendly narrow, twisty, no-shoulder roads…. plus the hills are brutal. I’m running out of stuff to throw at errant cars and giant iguanas. Big favor asking time… I still have my final paycheck that no bank will cash. It’s old, dog-eared, from the mainland, and they probably think it’s bogus. If I tear the thing up, could you deposit the $ in my PayPal account? $239. Karen and I need cash for booze, pot, cigs, birth control, and car repairs. Cigs are sooo cheap i’m going to start soon… I don’t inhale though, ask Josh. I hope you guys have a great year and I seriously miss you all!”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Small, what are you doing? I need a new 16 or 20" bike for my son and you're biking in army boots and shorts?! Your customer service skills are needed back here to boost the US economy.

  3. J.R. Hunter says:

    Miss seeing Mark at the shop.