More New Bikes!

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Long awaited and finally here. The Honzo!

Now, before you come in and get all, “this bike is kinda heavy”, I’ll say yes, it is rather porky, but I can attest that the weight is nothing compared to what this bike can do. While out at the Kona launch this year I had the chance to ride one of these huckerable 29ers. While it wasn’t the best choice for going up the mountain, it sure was a blast hitting the jumps on the way back down. I was so impressed that I even swung by the dirt jump park out there and rode the 5 foot table line and was blown away. Oh those big wheels, they keep on a rollin.

Oh, and it is also nice that they didn’t skimp on the fork and go with better wheels. Very upgradable steed.

On to the new Roundabout, who doesn’t love a mixty? Very solid city bike for the fashion conscious ladies out there.


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