May 2nd and my Toes got cold.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Pretty much sums up my ride today.

Many wall rides were done back in the day (what ever that means) at this spot. Glad to see it is still getting used. Although, this kind of thing on the greenway in the middle of uptown probably ticks some people off.

Stopped in at St.Paul’s newst shop Omnium and caught up with friend/ex-co-worker/ex-employee Zak Crack-a-Lak.

The view at mile 35. My house is probably another 5 or so on the other side of those buildings there.

Mile 42 and my arms were starting to get sore. Cobblestone? Why not? I am loosely training for the Dirty Benjamin after all.

49 miles or so according to the GPS, but that doesn’t include the couple miles to back track to the house for the stuff I forgot when I left.

Riddle that. A figure 8.

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2 Comments on “May 2nd and my Toes got cold.”

  1. Jeff Austin says:

    Hey Chuck, Seems like you have been doing a lot of Monday rides. When do you normally depart? Maybe we could meet up and spin together?-Jeff

  2. Hey Chuck- Good to see you on the Greenway. I didn't recognize you at first all bundled up. Summer really is coming…-Bradley