Kona Blast 2011 or Ridiculously Fun Time at Kona USA

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

This is part 1.
Kona flew out a bunch of dealers this week to showcase, meet and talk about the new 2011 product. Next week they are doing it with more dealers.
We rode on Galbraith Mtn. I rode with the “Casual” group on both days. By no means was any of it casual. Especially when you throw in some pussy like myself that off road rides in a very flat state.
Here are a couple links to my Garmin stats from the ride. Needless to say the second half of the rides were way more fun. This shit was fun and I will have pictures in part 2. and more stuff about the whole week in part 3 or something.
Day 1
Day 2

My legs hurt and I’m going to bed now. Oh how I missed my pillow.

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