Hours. Spring. Changed.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Over on the right there. No. Your right. Read the hours. Yup. We are now open till 8pm on Thursday AND Friday.
Please do not confuse your self on Wednesday night and knock on the door cause there is a light on. We have a “booty” load of repairs right now. If you knock, ….. well, just don’t.

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One Comment on “Hours. Spring. Changed.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shit I went there Wednesday and knocked on the door. There were a whole bunch of people drinking beer and smoking cigarettes in there. It looked like they were having a party. All I wanted was something to drink and a light for my cigarette but nobody let me in. I started my own party outside which was way better than the one they had inside. I then brought my diesel truck with a hot tub full of babes in bikinis and parked it right outside the door. They still would not let me in.Yep, dedicated to repairs, sure.