Did someone say Cross Season!?

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

(Go ahead, drool for a second).

2011 Jake The Snake. Damn that thing is hot. BB30 cranks, 105/Ultegra drivetrain, no the pedals do not go with it.
56cm = 20.5 pounds, stock! (this on is a 61)

Supplies are limited.

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3 Comments on “Did someone say Cross Season!?”

  1. DmacBmac says:

    See you Friday for a test ride! That is if the 61 is still around.

  2. DAK says:

    wait til you pick up my new Major Jake with Force, tubie wheels, other bling. its not built up yet but i'm guessing sub-16.

  3. DMac, sorry the 61 one sold a month before it got here.Dak, already seen the Carbon while out at Kona last month, stock at 17.5 pounds, damn.