At least I’ll start…

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

Next weekends Dirty Benjamin is quickly approaching, and I have been slacking a little. Yesterday I figured I would go out and get one last big ride in. Little did I know how hot it was going to get. I went through a whole bottle of sun screen. About 30 miles into it my water was getting low and I could feel my skin starting to bake so I decide to cut my route short. The plan was to shoot down Vicksburg Ln. once in Plymouth and hit the Luce Line. Oh well. Here’s to Next Saturday, see you kids at 8am.

I still can’t figure out the embed thing on this new site so for now we can Link the fun.


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One Comment on “At least I’ll start…”

  1. Lawanda says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful ifnoramiton.