Package Tunes


Complete Tune Р$85  (+ parts and install)

Quickie Tune +

Complete wipe down of Bicycle.

Re-tension of all cables

Off bike Major wheel true.


Deluxe Tune – $145 (+ parts and install)

Complete Tune +

Completely remove, clean, lube and re-install all drive train components.

Installation of new drive train components  and shift cables included in price.


Overhaul – $225 summer / $185 Winter (+parts)

This is the complete package, we completely tear apart you bicycle, all the way down to the frame.

Everything gets cleaned and re-lubed.

Bearings get repack or replaced.

If you ride during the winter months around here you should be doing this every year. Water and salt have a magical way of getting into everything and wreaking havoc. A little TLC every year can make your bike last a lifetime.

*The Complete & Deluxe Tune, and our Overhaul now include a $5 environmental fee. This helps us cover the costs of recycling tires, tubes and metal parts that come off bikes, fees for our reusable rag service and for our “green” parts washer.


Other services are available ala carte. For now call or stop in for details. Someday the web fairies will float by and finish this page.This photo was from a bike that saw too many winters with no TLC. The bottom bracket had to be torched and cut for removal. Threads then had to be chased. This kind of service is an hourly charge cause you never know what it is going to take, if the owner would have been servicing the bike regularly this could have been avoided.