This Kid is Stoked.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

So, this little ripper gets to ride with his family out at Lebanon Hills on a regular basis and seeing as he has out grown his little 16″ single speed (way out grown it), mom and dad decided to do the right thing and throw down for a real bike for the little guy.

Now, I know that he is going to outgrow this bike in a couple years, but if your the type of person that likes to ride the good stuff then why short change the kids? It makes no sense. Would you rather them be on a “pile” and end up hating riding and getting all chubby like most of the kids I see around these days, no?, then throw down parents!

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One Comment on “This Kid is Stoked.”

  1. jay says:

    Plus the resale value on that thing has got to be great compared to a cheaper ride which will just get gifted/thrown. Down payment on a new ride!