Good ole Monday’s.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

The past 2 Mondays have been glorious days to get out and into the woods.

This Monday I took a casual ride though some of the better known, and lesser known, trails around the west edge of town.

Looking at the entrance of a concrete garden from the lower side.

Looking from the exit (depends on which way you are headed, this one swings both ways) on the high side.

Good old G.V. dirt jumps. In the early 2000′s Matt, from Full Cycle, and I used to come out here at least once a week and work on these. The right line was all fairly easy tabletops with a nice step-up kicker at the end. The left line, not there any longer, was a nice eight pack of doubles about 4 feet high with 10 to 12 foot gaps. We eventually gave up on them. The soil is extremely sandy and every time it rained the jumps would get about 5″ smaller, that and the neighborhood kids would knock down our landings so they could clear them, and lets not forget the crazy amount of blood suckers that came out of the nearby swamps.

Someone lose their car?

What a waste, what a good home this could make. Really though, I’d like to know what this once was.

Link for today’s Urban ride.



Last Monday on the other hand involved a little more effort. James, Joshie, Jeff and I got a semi early start for Cuyuna. The drive is boring as hell, not for Jeff though, he was drooling most of the way.

We got about 20 miles in in about 3 hrs, with just over 2 hours of actual riding time. It could have been more but between Josh and Jeff having been on a 4 day Camping/Biking Trip, James and his cracked rib and me with sand in my shorts I’d say we fared fairly well. No injuries, so all in all I’d call it a success.

James on one of the skinnys, can’t really tell he has a cracked rib right here but every time a hill came up you knew it was there.

(I stole this from Jeff’s Bike Jerks Blog, he was the only one to bring a camera.)


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2 Comments on “Good ole Monday’s.”

  1. kuan says:

    That structure is a root cellar.

  2. Wheels says:

    Chuck, That’s a pump house…