Posted By: Chuck Cowan

It is a common misconception round these parts that some folks think that only steel corrodes/rusts. I’ve heard it thousands of times, “Shouldn’t I get an aluminum bike for winter riding? Aluminum doesn’t corrode like steel.” Now, I am not going to turn this into a high school science lesson, I just want to point out that Aluminum on your bicycle can corrode and how important it is to clean your bicycle more often. Following is an example, and a gross one at that, of what happens when moisture and salt (either from your sweat, de-icing salt, or ocean salt).

This is a set of road bars of a fairly expensive bicycle, unfortunately it was not very well maintained, and a good chunk of money had to be spent to fix all the neglect. This was caused mostly from human sweat, as the smell informed us while working on it, being trapped underneath handle bar tape.

This is all a friendly reminder to keep your bicycle clean and well maintained, it will reward you with years cycling happiness.

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