At a loss for words.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

So yesterday I was going through the mail and came across a postcard for a “new” cycling computer. (we get a lot of cycling related mail, go figure)
It wasn’t the brand or that it was new that caught my attention, it was that this was being labeled as an “Urban” computer, and I am pretty sure this computer would work just fine in the suburban or rural areas of the U.S..
So I was all like, “hmmm, what makes a computer ‘Urban’?”
Well, wouldn’t you know it, this computer here is “carbon-conscious”. I first want to point out that you Suburban and Rural folks apparently are not “carbon-conscious”, according to this computer. Second and this is my favorite part……….

……it has a “Carbon Offset” function. Holy Shit and praise the lord, now I can sleep tonight, finally!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Mother Earth, I cycle all the time, drive little and recycle the hell out of some aluminum…….

What I really, really want to know…..
Does the Carbon Offset function start negative?
I mean, how far and how much diesel fuel does it take to get that little thing here. Think about, no really, think about how ridiculous this is.

F*&^ing marketing gimmicks.

Hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone (I don’t really care), and I want you to know that I do everything within reason to lessen any adverse impact I make on this planet, I just don’t need some cheap junk made in a polluting factory and shipped on an even more polluting ocean vessel to help me make my choices.

(yes, I know I am ranting….. this is nothing)

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