All these Business Meetings are making me tired.

Posted By: Chuck Cowan

…..And that is why it took 2 weeks to finally get this post up.

So, last week (2 weeks ago now)  I had to get all my “business meeting” stuff (helmet, shoes, pedals, gloves, gps, and beer legs) all loaded up again and head out to the pacific north west to the quaint little town of Bellingham, WA., to visit Kona. I’m there to check out the new bikes and ride some sweet trails on Galbraith Mtn. Again this year we brought some sweet weather with us.

Sue “the coordinator” got me in on sunday (day before the meetings) pretty early in the day, along with some other folks.  I quickly ran into Dave, whom I met last year, from the Bike Shop of Topsfield.

We asked for some bikes to ride around and we were quickly on our way.

On our little city cruise we stopped at some antique stores and I scored some sweet bird “paintings” and a Wolverine skull. Sa…Weet.

Then we partied late into the night. The End. Of day 1 that is.

Wake up call was at 7am the next morning, and man did that come fast. I won’t bore you with the actual meeting and presentation stuff, but by noon we were done and getting ready to ride the local trails.


The freeride boys getting all loaded up.

The cross country riders, and the first rest on the way up the Mt. Galbraith. Trust me, it is a climb, but at least this year I was ready for more climbing after this stop.

Sweet local Dirt Jump park. I took the Kona Honzo here the ride, and hit up the middle run. Wouldn’t you know it. A 29er can air!, if built right. (Yes, we will have these in stock).

That night we again stayed up way to late and this was one of the features that we awoke to the next morning. Boys……

Getting ready to grab my ride for day 2.


Rest point and re-fueling on day 2 ride.

Paddy White (Paddy Wagon) riding wheelies. Miles I tell you! I need to practice more, unless it is in your genes…….

Sunset by the Marina on the Bay of Bellingham.

Exit feast. Yum.

Well, I guess that’s it. At least some of it is fun and games. This is the kind of rewards we look forward to after working long days all summer long.


Thanks again Kona Kids. You guys rock the block.


GPS. From day 2. I messed up the thing on day one and we actually rode more miles and trail sections that day, but at least you get the ideal

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4 Comments on “All these Business Meetings are making me tired.”

  1. willzager says:

    Did you get a chance to check out the new Jake? I’ve been looking at these? Do you guys have any (old or new) Jake’s in stock right now?

    • Chuck Cowan says:

      I did, and we do have them. I love that the bike finally got upgraded to real STI levers and the price barely went up. I should have all sizes (missing a 53 right now) in stock by the end of the week.